EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE ARE CRITICAL. Did you know that Montana does not have licensing or education requirements for Home Inspectors? Every year 1 in 4 home inspectors are involved in a legal issue because they don’t do their job, or they don’t know how to do their job. I have been continuously furthering my property inspection education since starting my business in 2004. I am a full-time inspector, I don’t inspect your house today and fix your house tomorrow. Your biggest investment shouldn’t be inspected by a part-timer working for some side-hustle money.

My thorough inspection includes walking the roof, crawling through the crawl space, removing the electric service panel to evaluate for safety defects and to determine if the service will meet your needs. I remove furnace covers to look for defects and operate the furnace to confirm the system is working properly. I don’t just look at your foundation, I walk the floors, I check door gaps, and I look for cracks in the walls.

Your family’s safety is of utmost importance to me.

My goal is to protect your wallet and your family.

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What Makes Me Uniquely Qualified?

  • Full time inspector 2004 to present
  • 2004 Attended Jones College, Denver Co. Graduated ITA Residential Inspections.
  • 2006 Attended Jones College, Denver Co Graduated ITA Commercial Inspections.
  • 3712+ Residential inspections completed.
  • 476+ Commercial inspections completed. Clients include City of Billings, MSUB Foundation, FedEx, Wall Mart, Yellowstone Bank.
  • Completed $37,000,000 worth of HUD new construction inspections.
  • M.A.R.I.E (Montana Association of Realestate Inspectors) Board of directors 2006 to present.
  • M.A.S.T.E.R.S (Montana Association of Structural Technical Environmental Reporting Services) President 2012
  • B.A.R. Affiliate member, vetted and approved for E Key 2007 to present.
  • Member of International Association of certified Home Inspectors 2007 to present.
  • Owned and operated Montana’s largest Industrial insulation construction and manufacturing company. 1990 to 2002. Clients included Exxon, Conoco, Mobile, Sinclair, Amoco, Western Sugar, Mark Rite Lines, Arrow striping,

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